Pentaran Ped Temple – Nusa Penida

Pentaran Ped Temple – Nusa Penida

In the village, precisely in Ped, Sampalan, Nusa Penida, there is a place that is very famous in all corners of Bali. Pura Penataran Agung Ped, the name of the holy place. Located about 50 meters to the south of the seas of the Nusa Tenggara Strait. Because of its vast influence throughout Bali, the Pura Penataran Agung Ped was adopted as the Jagat Temple. This temple is always crowded with visitors to beg, prosperity, comfort and tranquility. Until now, this temple is very well known as one of the most sought after spiritual attractions.

Basically, information about the issue of the Great Stage Ped Temple is very confusing. Sources of information about the history of the temple are very minimal, namely Ludhutan who printed long. The group (Puri Klungkung, Puri Gelgel and Mangku Rumodja – Mangku Lingsir) said the temple was named Pura Pentaran Ped. The others, enough Balian in Bali, called Pura Dalem Ped.

A spiritual devotee and book writer from Satra, Klungkung, Dewa Ketut Soma in his writings on Pura Ped at a glance assume that the two designations of the two different versions are true. According to him, the ranking is Pura Dalem Penataran Ped. Only, one party emphasizes its upgrading. One other party is more attractive in the court.

In addition, several instructions that mention the temples were originally called Pura Dalem. In the History of Nusa book and the History of Pura Dalem Ped written by Drs. Wayan Putera Prata mentioned the early Pura Dalem Ped named Pura Dalem Nusa. The name was carried out by the Puri Klungkung figure at the time of the Great God. The nickname was after Ida Pedanda Abiansemal together with Pepatih and his followers online (mapeed) came to Nusa with the immediate purpose of direct information about the three magic tapel in Pura Dalem Nusa.

Because of the saktinya, tapel-tapel even able to make various kinds of diseases, both suffered by humans and plants. Previously, Ida Pedanda Abiansemal also received three tapels. As it turned out, when he saw the three tapes in Pura Dalem Nusa, there were three tapes taken out of his residence. However, Ida Pedanda did not take back the tapel with the notes of the people of Nusa to maintain well and continuously perform traditional ceremonies.

The magic of the three tapells not only entered Ida Pedanda’s ears, but throughout Bali. Including, residents of Subak Sampalan who at that time faced attacks from plant pests such as rats, stink bugs and others. Upon hearing the magic of the three taps, a subak clian was sent to watch the tapel at Pura Dalem Nusa.

Arriving there, the clan subak begged for a gift so that Subak Sampalan would avoid various diseases that attacked their plants. The request was granted. Soon, the plant disease went far from Subak Sampalan. Subaks can enjoy crops such as rice, pulses and others.

In accordance with his vows, residents then held a mapeed ceremony. The step was followed by other subaks around Sampalan. The news of the mapeed ceremony was heard until all corners of Nusa. At present I Dewa Agung Klungkung is wearing the name Pura Dalem Nusa with Pura Dalem Peed (Ped).

Even so, it seems as if it is refuted. Because a Ped village leader, Wayan Sukasta, explicitly stated that the name of the Temple was the Penataran Agung Ped Temple. It is evident from the residents around this time. Some mention the temple as Pura Dalem, which calls it Pura Dalem which is part of Tri Kahyangan (Puseh, Dalem and Bale Agung). But Dalem for the title of King who ruled Nusa Penida at that time. Dalem or Raja is explicitly the powerful ruler of Ratu Gede Nusa or Ratu Gede Mecaling, he said.

There are five temples that are united in the area of ​​Pura Penataran Agung Ped. Segara Temple, as the place for Batara Baruna, is located in the northernmost part close to the shoreline of the Nusa Strait. A few meters to the south there is Pura Taman with a pond circling pelinggih inside. This temple works as a sanctuary.

Towards the west again, there is the main temple namely Penataran Ratu Gede Mecaling as a symbol of the power of the Nusa Rights in his day. To the east there is another melting of Ratu Mas. The last one in Jaba is the Bale Agung which is the Batara-Batara linggih at the time of ngusaba.

Each temple is equipped with pelinggih, perantenan bale and other buildings according to their respective temple functions. In addition, there is a Jaba position in the form of a Banjar hall building model of the Badung area which is commonly used to display art.

All of the buildings in Pura Penataran Agung Ped have moved or are gone

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