Puncak Mundi Temple – Nusa Penida

Puncak Mundi Temple – Nusa Penida

There is one unique temple in Bali, namely  Puncak Mundi Temple – Nusa Penida. The uniqueness of this temple lies in its location. This temple is at the highest peak in Nusa Penida. With this location, tourists not only can see the beauty of the temple buildings, but also get a bonus of beautiful views of Nusa Penida from a height.

Puncak Mundi Temple – Nusa Penida area is still very beautiful and green. Many tall trees grow in this area. Even visitors can meet wild monkeys who live around the temple location. Because the monkeys here are still wild, it is recommended that you keep your luggage. Because of the obsolescence of these monkeys, the items you carry will be forcibly taken by them.

Puncak Mundi Temple , there are three temples, Beji Temple is the first place of worship, then Krangkeng Temple and  Puncak Mundi Temple which are the stations of Ida Batara Lingsir. At Puncak Mundi Temple there is a unique form of padmasana with seams and four columns that are different from padmasana buildings in general.

Padmasana at Pura Puncak Mundi is decorated with stylings and vine motifs as symbols of Shiva Buddha. The location is

divided into three namely north side, middle north and innards. Uniquely, the middle north area is wider and the area of ​​innards. There are many Bale pekemitan in the north side and middle north area.

Source : kintamani.id

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